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Bird Control
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Pest Control For Your Business 

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Bird Control

Bird Control
Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents have no place in your home! Trust Custom West Pest Control and our rodent exterminators to remove the threat of rodents in your home today.

Wasp & Hornet Control

Seasonal Wasp Treatment 

Don’t let stinging insects ruin the few warm months we have here in Western Montana. Custom West Pest Control can protect your home or business from stinging insects with our preventative seasonal wasp treatment. 

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Bed Bug Treatment

Tired of losing sleep at night? At Custom West Pest Control, we offer fast and effective bed bug treatments that eliminate all of those pesky bed bugs! Don’t delay, Contact us today for pricing and service.

Pest Calendar

This at-a-glance calendar will give you the information you need to help protect your property from damage, infestation, and invasion from pests that can have a number of adverse effects such as loss of property value, spreading of disease, loss of peace of mind and security of family and guests, and general sanitation and safety of your home and properity.


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Common Pest Questions

Insect FAQs

Carpenter ants have powerful jaws and their bites can be painful. They may also inject formic acid into the bite wound, creating a burning sensation. However, this pain will subside and does not pose a significant health threat.

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Category: Insect FAQs
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    Wildlife Control

    Wildlife Control

    Professional wildlife exclusion is a proven method for long term solution to keeping critters out of your property. Other methods such as habitat modification can resolve your pest issue. With unmatched focus on quality and attention to detail, Custom West Pest Control is Western Montana’s pest control experts.


    (406) 728-4447

    Eco-Friendly Goose Control

    Take back your Turf

    At Custom West Pest control we help you manage your Goose problem. We offer a variety of wildlife solutions and treatments tailored to your individual needs as every situation is unique. We offer eco-friendly treatments along with professional habitat modification to resolve your goose problem. With unmatched focus on quality and attention to detail Custom West Pest Control is Western Montana’s Goose control experts.

    Learn more Flight Control Plus

    We Are Montana’s Geese Specialists.

    Geese Specialists are professionals who specialize in keeping geese off their customer’s properties year round. We use an eco friendly solution and provide habitat modification, hazing, egg addling, and population control and they handle permit procurement and training for these services when necessary to help you resolve your problem.

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    “We have been using Custom West Pest Control for almost a year now.

    We were looking for a company that could provide a preventative maintenance program on a regular basis, as well as responding to any occurrences that popped up in an efficient manner. We made the first call and they had a technician to us the same day, within one hour. Since then they have provided prompt, reliable service whenever we need it, and the price is very competitive. Their technicians are always friendly and discreet, and we trust that the job will always be done right!”

    Kim Sawyer

    General Manager, Wingate of Missoula

    “Custom West Pest Control has provided ‘First Class’ pest control service for our home for nearly 25 years, since 1987.

    This company and its trustworthy employees have always provided professional service and treated us with the utmost courtesy!

    I would highly recommend this company to anyone requiring pest control of any nature!

    They are great to work with and are very accommodating to your busy schedule, or an emergency!”

    Rick & Char Zimmer

    Homeowners, Missoula, MT

    “Ian and Ben arrived on time. The contracted service was performed as bid with all due consideration to the aesthetics of the timberframe and rock work. The work area was left neat and tidy. Ian and Ben subsequently explained the process and follow-up. Both technicians were polite and congenial; a real credit to the company!”
    Dan Burger

    Homeowner, Missoula, MT

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