Ant Identification

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a social species of insects that live in large colonies and work together to excavate wood and create neat tunnels and nesting areas within the wood. It is important to note that carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they excavate. These ants are generally black in color but can be red, black, or a combination of both. These ants are about 1/4 of an inch in length with a queen being 3/4 of an inch in length. Carpenter ants are not considered to be dangerous to people and they generally do not bite. However, carpenter ants are dangerous to the structure of homes. The tunnels that they excavate throughout the wood in a house can weaken its structural integrity and be quite expensive to repair. Contact us today to schedule ant control in Missoula, MT.

Carpenter Ants Can Be Destructive To Your Home Or Business

Carpenter ants get their name from their nest building, where they will excavate the wood and form tunnels inside the wood. They do not eat the wood, they only chew through wood to create nests.
In the spring, mature colonies produce winged reproductive ants, called swarmers, that fly out to start new colonies. These swarms often occur from satellite colonies within homes or business, you may see large flying ants. Carpenter ants can be very difficult to control. Give us a call you you think you might have Carpenter Ants.


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