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Bed Bugs:

So you think you may have bed bugs. Bed bugs are always looking for human hosts who have been inactive long enough to provide a meal. This is why, as the name suggests, you will find them in and around your bed. When bed bugs feed, they inject
the skin with their saliva (this keeps the blood from clotting) and an anesthetic (this keeps the host from feeling the bite and moving). Bed bugs do not spread disease, but their bites can become red and itchy welts. Bed bugs are the hitchhiker of the insect & mite world.You can bring an infestation back home with you from a hotel, the movie theater, an uber ride, and many other places.

Bed Bugs are primarily transported by their human host and luggage. If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation it is important to not change your sleeping patterns because the bed bugs will just follow you to the new area and infest the new area. It is a misconception that bed bugs are caused by poor sanitation, bed bugs do not discriminate based on ones cleanliness of their home. Bed bugs will lay
and hide their eggs virtually everywhere.




Custom West Pest Control 

Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs So You Can Sleep Soundly!

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At Custom West Pest Control we take a proactive approach to not only treat but, we take the preventative approach as well. To help
implement this process we have a proven 5 step “P.E.S.T.S.” methodology.

Our “P.E.S.T.S.” Methodology

Problem- We identify what pest you are having concerns with.
Evaluate- We will evaluate all areas of concern.
Solutions- We will build a customizable solution to help rid you house of the issue at hand.
Treat- Whether this is a full treatment or a preventive treatment, rest assured your house will soon be pest free
Support- We provide on-going support through our office and technicians. We provide a customer portal for easy payments and information.


The Benefits of Using Custom West Pest Control


IPM- Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. IPM focuses on
tactics to prevent or avoid anticipated pest issues rather than remediating problems once they occur.

Local Support-  We are headquartered in Missoula MT. Being a local business we can take care of your pest issues fast as we are
centrally located in Western Montana. We understand our Montana environment and the pest challenges unique to our area.

Peace of Mind-  Have the contentment knowing that that we are taking care of all your pest problems.

Highly Trained and Motivated Technicians- Our technicians are trained in National Pest Management Association (N.P.M.A.) courses.
They adhere to all federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.


Our Company Motto: Your Montana’s Pest Problem Solvers


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