Bird Control

Why Do You Need Bird Control?

Birds can be an elegant part of our commonplace surroundings, but that beauty can be corrupted by populations of nuisance birds. Nuisance birds can and will damage homes and property with their droppings, spreading of disease and disruption of our peace with their deafening caws and perpetual non-ending cheeps. Every year industries spend thousands of dollars on mending the damage caused by birds and clearing the clutter created by their droppings. The financial implications of this ongoing nuisance are far more expensive than periodic property maintenance.  When birds nest and roost in commercial and residential facilities, they can pose some serious liability like accidental falls, unsanitary conditions, electrical fires, and major structural damage. Bird droppings are highly acidic and have the ability to cause irreparable damage to vital equipment, rooftops, walkways and everything from paint, to cement, to wood, and other materials associated with buildings.These are a few of the examples of the perils that accompany bird nesting and roosting in commercial and residential spaces.

Health Impacts:

 Birds are known to carry more than 60 transmittable diseases such as toxoplasmosis, encephalitis and salmonella. Inhaling particulate contaminated with bird droppings can cause further disease, including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. So mitigating the issue is absolutely necessary for maintaining a safe home and work environment. If not controlled in time, bird problems can also invite costly settlements and serious health hazards.

Bird Control Beyond Montana

Bird Control

Custom West Pest Control is a full-service pest management company serving Western Montana and surrounding regions since 1987.  Custom West Pest Control will install any and all types of bird exclusion or deterrent systems currently available. Our job is to manage your bird and bat nuisance issues and deliver this service in a safe, professional, and economically way.


Parking Garages

Walk Ways

bird droppingsWhen birds nest and roost in commercial and residential facilities, they can pose some serious liability like accidental falls, unsanitary conditions. When walk ways become wet this can create a slippery surface. 

Roof Tops Pigeon Problems

Birds on Balcony

Pigeons On Balcony

Northern Flicker Damage

Sparrow Nest Problems

Other Pest Issues?

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P.E.S.T.S Methodology


Problem: Birds, although beautiful, cause a rather exuberant amount of issues from roosting, causing structural damage, to clutter caused by their droppings. The longer you let birds nest and roost, the harder it will be to get rid of them and the more effort it takes to clean accumulated droppings.

Evaluate: Custom West Pest Control technician(s) will accurately assess the areas of concern during the initial appointment regarding your individual bird Issue. We will determine the type of bird causing the issues and how the birds are causing the issues. We will determine the best processes of excluding the bird roosting and nesting as well as how to conduct safe clean up of the contaminated area.

Solutions: A customizable solution will be planned and implemented to effectively manage the bird infiltration.

Treat: The most common solution for bird issues is through the installation of exclusion measures such as netting. Other methods include visual, sight and sound deterrents. Our job is to determine which methods will be most effective in providing successful management of your bird issue.

Support: Custom West Pest Control will provide ongoing monitoring, customer service, and a highly trained staff to support all of your needs leading up to, during, and after your treatment process.

Why Use Custom West Pest Control?

Safe and Humane Methods of Controlling Bird Infestations: If you want to avoid health risks, property damage, cleanup costs, expensive equipment repairs, health code violations, work stoppages, and clogged drains Custom West Pest Control offers safe, effective, and viable solutions for all types of bird challenges. 

Highly trained Technicians: Custom West Pest Control’s Wildlife Division is managed by Andy Knapp who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Biology and is affiliated with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. He holds professional installer status with several national companies including  Bird-X , Bird-B- Gone, and Nixalite.  

Peace of Mind: Have confidence knowing that your home or business will not suffer from bird damage and/or loss of profits when your bird challenge has been professionally solved. As a client you want a team that can provide assurance of peace of mind with all your bird and wildlife management challenges. 

Local Support- We are headquartered in Missoula, Montana and provide service throughout the state and the Pacific Northwest. Being a local business we can take care of your pest problems fast as we are centrally located in Western Montana. We understand the Western Montana and Pacific Northwest environment and the bird challenges unique to these areas.

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