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One of the biggest pests to humans is also one of the smallest: flies. They dart around the room, knock and buzz at windows and lights, walk all over our food and persistently land on the same spot despite being shooed away. But pick up a flyswatter and they disappear, or so you think. In North America alone, there are 16,000 types of flies. Some of them eat by vomiting on their food to break it down, some of them eat or lay eggs in dead animals, some of them are bloodsuckers, most love an open garbage can... and they carry whatever pathogens they pick up along the way on their hairy legs and in their mouths. So when they land on your arm (or your fork), they pass these pathogens on to you. Custom West Pest & Wildlife Service can help you identify your fly problem and provide a solution.

Fly Identification

Common Flies of North America

Residential Fly Control

Commercial Fly Management

Fly Control For Restaurants

Flies are one of the most unwelcome guests in the foodservice industry. The tiny pests can cause major headaches for restaurant and bar owners, and put a brand's reputation at risk. At Custom West Pest & Wildlife Service we understand that your brand, customers and employees can be jeopardized by a single fly.

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Comprehensive Fly Control Program

Critical pest prevention for restaurants. We combine multiple strategic methods customized to the geographic challenges of your locations for proactive, long-term control.

Commercial Pest Control

Achieve rapid fly control in production and storage areas of large commercial facilities and back-of-house areas of restaurants and commercial kitchens with commercial Insect Light Trap.

"Andy is amazing and so is CJ. What nice guys, and incredibly thorough with their work! We had a bat issue and were desperate to get them OUT. Well, out they are! It was SO satisfying to watch the last few bats get evicted. Bye, felicia! This was the ONLY pest service who seemed SANE when telling us about the bats. others told us to LIVE HAPPILY with bats peeing and pooping all over our new home. No thanks!"


"Spoke to Nate and he gave some fabulous advice on trapping mice. If I can not get rid of them, I will call back for an appointment. Thank you so much Nate for the help. Bless you."


"As many others have shared, the people that work here are knowledgeable, skillful and just great people. Andy, the wildlife biologist, not only knew immediately what our problem was ( sparrows) but took care of it. He is also a very friendly guy to talk to. Thanks and I wholeheartedly recommend them"