Goose Control Service in Missoula, Bitterroot Valley, Polson, MT & surrounding areas

Geese can be a property-maintenance problem throughout Western Montana. Geese can inflict significant damage to property, while creating health-related problems if not properly addressed. They can be problems for golf courses, parks and recreation areas, schools, athletic fields and corporate campuses. We employ professional eco-friendly techniques to remove the goose infestation from your property.


  • Scientific Name: Branta Canadenis
  • Common Name: Canada Goose
  • Largest of the 11 Sub-Species
  • Average Weight Anywhere From 8-20 lbs.
  • Easily Distinguishable Birds By Large Grey Bodies, Black Neck and Heads with a White Chinstrap
  • Lifespan of 10-25 Years
  • Feed for 12 Hours a Day
  • Spend More Time On Land Than Water (Even Though They are Considered Waterfowl)
  • Average Wingspan Reaches Anywhere from 4-5.5 feet
  • Found in All of the Continental United States
  • Estimated U.S. Population of 8 Million
  • Population Doubles Every 3-5 Years

Why Use Habitate Modification Or Goose Repellent?

Canada Geese can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked. With more geese living in urban and suburban areas away from their natural predators, their populations are doubling every 3-5 years. Just one goose will eat up to 3 lbs of grass in one day and leave up to 2 lbs of droppings that contain dangerous bacteria and parasites. Besides destroying the turf and leaving droppings, geese can also be extremely aggressive at different parts of the year while trying to protect their young.

Our Eco-Friendly Goose Repellent Works in Two Ways:

It gives geese a visual warning - Because geese see the world in the ultraviolet spectrum, our repellent contains a UV marker. When the repellent is applied to your turf, the geese will see grass that's purple in color and speckled in pattern. This serves as a threat to geese, and they learn to distinguish between treated and untreated turf. But to humans, the turf looks completely normal. Additionally, it causes no harm to the grass.
It causes indigestion - If the visual threat alone isn't enough to keep geese away, the temporary after-effects will. When a goose consumes the grass treated with our repellent, it will experience digestive irritation within 20 minutes or so. It will bring no permanent harm to the goose whatsoever. They will refuse to eat any treated turf after they've experienced this stomach upset. Geese learn very quickly that it's within their best interest to avoid treated turf. The geese will move on to a different location.

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