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Mice and rodents have always been a problem. It is becoming more important to address this issue in a preventative strategy to ensure you do not find yourself with problems in your home, vacation property, lake cabin, or commercial building. Mice and rodents can inflict significant damage to property while creating health-related problems if not properly addressed.

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Vacation Properties

If you rent your property or vacation to the region with family and friends you want your guests to enjoy a pest free enviornment. Often times, mice and rodent problems are discovered at vacation properties and lake cabins while the properties are unused. You do not want to deal with these pests when you vacation at your cabin. Allow us to apply preventative measures with mice control services to ensure that you do not find your vacation property or lake cabin infested with these pests.


At Custom West Pest Control we help you manage your rodent issues. We do everything from the smallest rodent infestation to large commercial animal projects. We offer a variety of wildlife plans and treatments tailored to your individual needs as every situation is unique. Examples include exclusions and several methods of habitat modification. The exclusion will prevent Rodents from re-entering your business. Custom West Pest Control offers a monthly mice management program, lets us handle the mice so you can focus on your business.

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Why let them live with you if they don't pay rent? At Custom West Pest Control we help you manage your rodent issues. One of the most common home invaders in Western Montana is mice and rats! While a majority of mice and rats invade business and homes during the fall and winter months, these rodents are often a nuisance all year long. Our technicians are trained and experienced in diagnosing the problem, thinking outside of the box, and coming up with solutions that make sense.

Rodent Management & Removal in Western Montana

Rodent Control

Rodents, mice, and rats are problematic inside of any structure. While rodent issues will generally be more pervasive in areas where construction may be older and sanitation may not be ideal, rodents can infest any building. Recognition of a mouse or rat problem is not necessarily a reflection on one's tidiness or cleanliness; We can solve your rodent problem, identify entry points, and provide professional exclusion methods when necessary.

"Andy is amazing and so is CJ. What nice guys, and incredibly thorough with their work! We had a bat issue and were desperate to get them OUT. Well, out they are! It was SO satisfying to watch the last few bats get evicted. Bye, felicia! This was the ONLY pest service who seemed SANE when telling us about the bats. others told us to LIVE HAPPILY with bats peeing and pooping all over our new home. No thanks!"


"Spoke to Nate and he gave some fabulous advice on trapping mice. If I can not get rid of them, I will call back for an appointment. Thank you so much Nate for the help. Bless you."


"As many others have shared, the people that work here are knowledgeable, skillful and just great people. Andy, the wildlife biologist, not only knew immediately what our problem was ( sparrows) but took care of it. He is also a very friendly guy to talk to. Thanks and I wholeheartedly recommend them"