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Custom West Pest Control offers professional wildlife service throughout the Western United States. Our Wildlife division is directed by Andy Knapp who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology. He has over 25 years of experience in wildlife management. Andy has an extensive construction background and is a licensed contractor which are critical factors in approaching wildlife management in structures.

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Wildlife Control & Removal 

Safe Exclusion Trapping and Relocation Methods

We help you manage wildlife issues from mice to marmots and birds to bats. We manage everything from the smallest rodent infestation to large commercial animal projects. We offer a variety of wildlife solutions and treatments tailored to your individual needs as every situation is unique. Professional wildlife exclusion is a proven method for long term solution to keeping critters out of your property. Other methods such as habitat modification can resolve your pest issue. With an unmatched focus on quality and attention to detail, Custom West Pest Control is Western Montana’s pest control experts.

Wildlife Removal

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Wildlife Control

Our Process

Step 1: Wildlife Evaluation

Raccoons, squirrels, and opossums often seek shelter from predators and harsh weather in our homes. These wild invaders can contaminate insulation, damage electrical wiring, and leave droppings that are hazardous to your health.

That’s why quick trapping and removal is our specialty. Each critter demands a different approach to wildlife removal. Therefore, the first step to removing wildlife safely is assessing the problem.

Step 2: Wildlife Exclusion

Raccoons and other animals may get into your home, but Custom West Pest Control will clear them out and repair any damage they have caused. Professional exclusion methods are a key factor in keeping wildlife out. Our Wildlife experts work to personalize every wildlife solution to each home and business they treat. We use high-quality materials and methods to prevent wildlife from re-entry. Keeping wildlife out is called “wildlife exclusion.”

Protect your roof, siding, attic, and crawlspace from wildlife damage! Whether it’s opossums, squirrels, raccoons, Skunks, or more, we can clear the infestation and repair the damage.

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Step 3: Sanitization

Wildlife living and nesting in a home can damage insulation, wiring, and even the structure itself. In addition, wildlife poses a health risk for your family. Dried urine, saliva and fecal matter may be carrying dangerous germs. So it is essential to replace contaminated insulation.

Our expert sanitation team will safely and quickly remove debris and filth, decontaminate, and deodorize your attic and crawlspaces. After that, we will install fresh insulation to restore energy efficiency to your home.

Step 4: Prevention

Being surrounded by the unique environment that we are in, the Northwest, we must co-exist with the wildlife native to the area. Occasionally, these critters find their way into our homes. Our wildlife control system helps to prevent future wildlife infestations in your house.

After removing and cleaning out any wild animals, our technicians will work with you to create a prevention plan for your home. This includes education and understanding of animals’ behaviors, as well as awareness of the exclusion projects and materials deployed on your structure.

Our wildlife experts are well prepared to educate you on best practices for wildlife control to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation.

Animal Control
Montana Department of Agriculture

Animal Control

Missoula County Animal Control  https://www.missoulacounty.us/government/health/health-department/animal-control/contact-us

Custom West Pest Control works closely with Missoula County Animal Control. For Issues related to dogs and cats please contact your local Animal Control office. For issues related to skunks, raccoons, and any other Pest, it is best to contact us directly.

Bear and Wildlife Information 
Feeding Wildlife

It is unlawful to feed, provide feed or other attractants to wildlife within the city limits.  Attractant means any substance, including food, garbage, and even salt licks which attract wildlife to a particular location.

Food Accessibility

Birdfeeders cannot be accessible to other animals other than birds or squirrels.  Remember to harvest your fruits and vegetables when ripe to keep bears from helping themselves to the food.

Garbage Containers

Garbage containers are required.  All garbage must be placed inside containers with tight-fitting lids and be kept covered.

Racks, stakes, or holders are required to prevent containers from being spilled or overturned by animals.  Bears can get into regular garbage containers.  To keep them out of your garbage, there are bear-proof containers available from Allied Waste.

Keep your garbage in a secure area until pick up day.  Non-bear resistant containers may not be left outside in the Bear Buffer Zone.  Non-bear resistant containers may not be placed outside before 5:00 am on the day of waste pick up and must be re-secured by 9:00 pm on the day of waste pickup.

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 Nuisance bird & wildlife can and will damage homes and property with their droppings, spreading of disease. Every year industries spend thousands of dollars on mending the damage caused by wildlife and clearing the clutter created by their droppings. The financial implications of this ongoing nuisance are far more expensive than periodic property maintenance. Custom West Pest Control Can safely and effectively solve your wildlife issue with humane habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping services. 

We’ve Been in Business For Over 30 Years

Custom West Pest Control has proudly served the Missoula community since 1987 by providing environmentally-responsible pest control services. Locally owned and operated by Nate Nunnally and Karen Terry. Custom West Pest Control is your full-service pest control provider that understands balancing environmental health and safety with eliminating your pest problems. No job is too big or too small. Our knowledgeable staff is licensed by the Montana State Department of Agriculture. We employ environmentally-responsible integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is the process of customizing a solution to your specific pest issue.

Our Eco-Friendly Goose Repellent Works in Two Ways:

  • It gives geese a visual warning — Because geese see the world in the ultraviolet spectrum, our repellent contains a UV marker. When the repellent is applied to your turf, the geese will see grass that’s purple in color and speckled in pattern. This serves as a threat to geese, and they learn to distinguish between treated and untreated turf. But to humans, the turf looks completely normal. Additionally, it causes no harm to the grass.
  • It causes indigestion — If the visual threat alone isn’t enough to keep geese away, the temporary after-effects will. When a goose consumes the grass treated with our repellent, it will experience digestive irritation within 20 minutes or so. It will bring no permanent harm to the goose whatsoever. They will refuse to eat any treated turf after they’ve experienced this stomach upset. Geese learn very quickly that it’s within their best interest to avoid treated turf. The geese will move on to a different locationWildlife Control 9

Let’s Work Together

With extensive experience in construction and environmental consulting, Andy brings a unique perspective to wildlife control. Custom West Pest Control can help your organization with navigating regularty compliance, permitting and monitoring programs from various state, federal, and tribal government agencies. Custom West Pest Control is prepared to offer consulting services to project managers, architectures, or anyone in need of wildlife consulting services.

Client Testimonials

Wildlife Control 10“Andy is amazing and so is CJ. What nice guys, and incredibly thorough with their work! We had a bat issue and were desperate to get them OUT. Well, out they are! It was SO satisfying to watch the last few bats get evicted. Bye, felicia! This was the ONLY pest service who seemed SANE when telling us about the bats. others told us to LIVE HAPPILY with bats peeing and pooping all over our new home. No thanks!”

Adrianne Curry-Rhode

Wildlife Control 11“As many others have shared, the people that work here are knowledgeable, skillful and just great people. Andy, the wildlife biologist, not only knew immediately what our problem was ( sparrows) but took care of it. He is also a very friendly guy to talk to. Thanks and I wholeheartedly recommend them”

John Marks

Wildlife Control 11“Spoke to Nate and he gave some fabulous advice on trapping mice. If I can not get rid of them, I will call back for an appointment. Thank you so much Nate for the help. Bless you.”

Terry Wood

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