A Testimonial for a Fine service Rendered


My wife and I have been traveling for many miles across Canada and the USA in our epic road trip of 6300 miles to visit our sons in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

Several days ago, we sustained insect bites that are suspiciously consistent with those caused by bed bugs. Though we checked the motel mattress and the contents of our luggage, we could not identify any bed bug signature through our untrained eyes. But, the itchy welts kept on increasing, much to our dismay. My wife was beginning to “freak out”.

I checked on-line for a local exterminator at Missoula, MT. Listed were 7 exterminators in town. We chose to visit the first one on the list, Custom West Pest Control, as it has an informative website.

In their office, we told the two ladies about our concerns. Immediately, their technician was summoned to help us out. The technician went through our vehicle and luggage most carefully and efficiently, checking for insects with a fine-toothed comb and explaining to us what he was doing and looking for. He did find evidence of the pest in a pocket of a piece of luggage. He treated the problem with a safe but effective spray, and provided us with information in detecting and avoiding bed bugs. All the while, the two kind ladies in the office were supportive and encouraging with their words, allaying our anxiety.

It was the most-productive two hours we had spent in a problem-solving situation, not only having the little beasties taken care of, but having a rare opportunity to interact meaningfully with three fine human beings who happen to be proficient pest control professionals.

In this day-and-age of personal cynicism and social malcontent in a “What’s in it for me?” culture, I would be remiss to allow this spark of human kindness, personal and professional integrity go unrecognized.

It is my honour to highly recommend to you Custom West Pest Control in Missoula, MT, if you need to seek pest-control advice from proficient, honest, and friendly professionals.

Thomas V. Chan
Winnipeg, MB


 We have been using Custom West Pest Control for almost a year now.


We were looking for a company that could provide a preventative maintenance program on a regular basis, as well as responding to any occurrences that popped up in an efficient manner. We made the first call and they had a technician to us the same day, within one hour. Since then they have provided prompt, reliable service whenever we need it, and the price is very competitive. Their technicians are always friendly and discreet, and we trust that the job will always be done right!

Kim Sawyer
General Manager
Wingate of Missoula


As a residential customer, I can tell you this:


While I was trimming my bushes back this summer I noticed a loud buzzing noise in the yard. A closer inspection found that I had a tree that was absolutely filled with bees. I made a call to Custom West Pest Control and they had a technician there the same afternoon. He was very friendly, and even taught me a bit about the bees and their habits and what to watch out for (which my 7 year old daughter found fascinating). He took care of the issue and even found some wasp nests behind my shutters that I didn’t know about. I was really happy with the service we received!

Thanks, and good luck!


To Whom It May Concern:


Custom West Pest Control has provided “First Class” pest control service for our home for nearly 25 years, since 1987.

This company and its trustworthy employees have always provided professional service and treated us with the utmost courtesy!

I would highly recommend this company to anyone requiring pest control of any nature!

They are great to work with and are very accommodating to your busy schedule, or an emergency!

Rick & Char Zimmer



5 star review: “Ian and Ben arrived on time. The contracted service was performed as bid with all due consideration to the aesthetics of the timberframe and rock work. The work area was left neat and tidy. Ian and Ben subsequently explained the process and follow-up. Both technicians were polite and congenial; a real credit to the company!”

Dan Burger



Custom West Folks,

Thanks for a great job! I was delighted when I came home Friday and found the pigeons gone and the cleanup done.


I had a mess. Pigeons had nested under my solar panels, raised young, attracted others and the flock was growing. Eggshells, droppings, feathers,… all ran downhill and landed on my entranceway.

I called one outfit who looked at the problem, put me off for a week and then said the roof was too steep for them. I called around and another pest removal company referred me to Custom West. They came by quickly, provided an estimate and took on the job. It required a team of two and a lift to get the nests removed and a barrier around the panels. After that, Ben made multiple trips to pre-bait the traps, set them and take the pigeons to a happier place. Finally, a team of two got the place washed and cleaned.

The Custom West team got the job done knowledgeably, efficiently, and thoroughly. Throughout the process, communication was superb and everyone was pleasant and fun to work with. Ben was involved at every stage and handled the day-to-day baiting, trapping, and removal wonderfully. He had to return more times than we anticipated and caught almost 20 birds. He was always on schedule, personable and informative. When removal was complete, the team power washed the roofs, gutters, siding and entrance area.

I could not be happier with the job done. I would use Custom West again for any pest problem and I recommend them with great enthusiasm.

Lee Metzgar