Our goal is to achieve a pest free environment for facilities where pest management is of utmost importance (Restaurants, hospitals, schools, food processing, residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). This is best achieved by an integrated pest management program (I.P.M.). IPM is a combination of pest monitoring, good sanitation practices, education, appropriate solid waste management, and physical-mechanical and biological pest control.  Least toxic pesticides are used where and when necessary.

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Our service area includes Missoula and Western Montana.

[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#ff0000″ icon_size=”65″ icon_position=”left” heading=”Reducing health concerns” align=”left”]Reducing the chances of insects and rodents becoming a problem, reducing exposure of your family, clients, tenants, staff and yourself to disease and viruses carried by some insects and rodents. Also, reduce damage to structures and stored products.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ icon_size=”65″ icon_position=”left” heading=”Emergency services available 24/7″ align=”left”][/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon_color=”#ff0000″ icon_size=”65″ icon_position=”left” heading=”Pest control / pesticide use records” align=”left” icon=”FontAwesome-barcode”]Records are produced and maintained in our files for reference at any time for each visit.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-umbrella” icon_color=”#ff0000″ icon_size=”65″ icon_position=”left” heading=”Pest coverage” align=”left”]Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Beetles, Spiders, Ear Wigs, Centipedes, Bees, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Squirrels, pigeons, and other birds, bats, etc.[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon_color=”#ff0000″ icon_size=”65″ icon_position=”left” heading=”Additional services” align=”left” icon=”FontAwesome-plus-circle”]Bat Control, Fly Control, Bird Control, Wildlife Removal, etc.[/basix_icon_text]

Application practices and chemical usage patterns, as described in registrations, are strictly adhered to in our performance of services. We will provide you with pertinent information on all products that may be used in or around your facility as well as procedures of safe application. Many indoor infestations can be controlled with alternatives to pesticides. No pesticide shall be used without prior approval. As new products or techniques become available, we will present such where a product or technique is applicable.  When it comes to the safety of the public and the environment Custom West Pest Control does not employ “guess work” in the use of pesticides.